Biomechanics of Bodybuilding

A lot of people just “lift weights” or go “workout”, but without understanding the biomechanics of how the human body functions it can be difficult to pack on muscle the right way.

For instance, I came across some helpful videos on Youtube this morning that really sum it up a lot easier than I can do by just writing about it. Take a few minutes and watch these helpful videos. And like always, please leave us some feed back if possible.

The Importance of Biomechanics in Everyday Life

It’s not uncommon to think about robots and computers when you hear the term ‘biomechanics’. However, gait_3this is a word that describes a whole area of science – biomechanics studies the structure and the function of all the biological systems that surround us – the living organism like the cells, the animals, the plants, the organs of the body, the animals and the humans.

It is a very important part of the life, and even if you don’t see it happening, you can see its results. The biomechanics has helped many people, in more ways than you can imagine. It is more than a science, but it’s a goal that was set by different people in different Skeltonareas to help discover new improvements for our lives or to develop new possibilities to help others.

It Helps You Drive Safer

You have certainly seen on TV what happens when a car accident takes place – people are injured or even die due to the accident. Sometimes, some of those people who were involved in a car accident are left with a permanent disability that prevents them from living normally.

The Auto Safety is just a part of applied biomechanics that studies what happens in an accident. This area of study tries to help discover new ways to offer protection for the passengers of a car in case of a crash. This is very important, as there are many areas to be covered in the automobile safety research.

It Helps the Soldiers and the Military

Lindsay-Davidson-Podiatry-Biomechanics-There are many military vehicles that are not yet entirely safe for the soldiers and the drivers that use them. The military area of the biomechanics refers to being able to help soldiers survive and offer performance in the vehicles that they use. This is extremely needed because those vehicles have a tremendous weight and in case of an impact, the people using them can still suffer accidents even with the required armor and helmet. Another area that is being covered is for the Navy, studying multiple possibilities to prevent spinal injuries for the pilots of the airplanes who have aircraft seat ejections.

It Helps Sportsmen


This is a wide area and it benefits people from all over the world. This studies what happens when a certain part of the body is injured as a result of practicing a sport. Doctors and specialists need to be able to understand what happens when, for example, someone sprains the ankle or the ligaments from a knee are injured. This area covers everything, from toes, ankles, knee and torso, head and neck.

3D Human Motion

This is another area that is studied by biomechanics. With its help, specialists can study the human musculoskeletal system and how it moves. There are used Picture-3-299x300different markers attached to someone’s body and its movements are captured so that specialists can analyze it. The trajectories of those markers are very important, as it allows scientists to study the responses of the muscles to external forces that are applied to them or to different perturbations.

Dental Implants

You wouldn’t be able to have dental implants without the help of biomechanics. This is a smaller, but also important area. With the help of this science, now we have available different kinds of implants and everyone can benefit from this. The reason behind this is very simple – the lack of teeth can lead to a vitruviantrasparetnkind of disability, and the biomechanics is the one science that helps people fight it and live a normal life.

Implants and Prostheses

Orthopedic implants are commonly used to restore the mobility of the legs for those people who suffer from a partial disability. Biomechanics has a certain area, called biotribology, which studies the function and the performance of the biomaterials that are used for orthopedic implants. Apart from this, it also helps develop different types of prostheses used for improving locomotion.